Energy Management


GreenSwitch is a simple energy management system designed to eliminate phantom power consumption, minimize the issue of lights being left on in the house, and provide thermostat set back control that matches the homeowners’ specific schedule and desires. Just imagine leaving your home and having all the unnecessary power and lights turned off and having your heat or air conditioning setback to your individual desire with just one switch.


How Does It Work?

Instead of unplugging power strips, “policing” the house for left on lights or adjusting the thermostat at the end of the day (or upon leaving the house), GreenSwitch allows you to turn off one master switch that is connected to various sources of power in and around your home. This master switch cuts the energy going to those electrical sources therefore eliminating draining electricity from our homes that we pay for but don’t actually use. You designate which outlets and lights are affected and you set the personal settings for your programmable climate control. Single-control outlets provide the ability to customize each outlet, allowing you, for example, to turn off the TV in one plug thus eliminating the phantom power usage while keeping the digital video recorder in the other socket of the same outlet on and recording. It solves problems at a very low cost. We are not asking customers to do more, we want them to do less; take one action instead of many.


How Easy Is It To Install?

Although authorized dealer installation is required, the installation of GreenSwitch is easy. GreenSwitch can be retrofitted into existing electrical systems and, in the average household, can be installed in several hours and the savings are immediate. GreenSwitch saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint at the same time, giving you the opportunity to make a difference for your family and the world. All this with the slide of one convenient switch!


Where Can I Get GreenSwitch?

Monarch Renewable Energy is happy to provide you with GreenSwitch materials for your home or business. Download our brochure, give us a call or email us today! (847) 531.4450 or







GreenSwitch® Is:


Wireless - easy to retrofit existing facilities & homes

Easy to Install - uses most types of existing electrical boxes, just change the outlet or switch to retrofit

Component Based System - install as few or as many components as you need

Expandable & Portable - add and move components whenever you want and take it with you when you move

Fast Return on Investment - often in 1-3 years

18-month Warranty on All Components












































































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