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Just Announced:  2010 Illinois  Wind Energy Rebate Program 


In addition to the federal 30% income tax credit, Illinois private wind energy systems that meet certain criteria can qualify for an additional 30% rebate through the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO).


Your Monarch Renewable Energy representative can work with you to help ensure all appropriate site selection, product selection and application process guidelines are met.  The professionals at Monarch can help you complete and file all necessary application documents and the Illinois DCEO will notify you of the rebate approval ahead of time.  This program requires application by April 30, 2010 and installation within 120 days of the application date.  This brand new combination of incentives and services will work together to make your investment in renewable, clean wind energy even more cost-effective and worry free!


 Click here for more information and act quickly before time or program funds run out!



There has never been a better time for consumers to take action toward reducing their environmental carbon emissions or gain control over rising utility costs.  Wind power enables homeowners, farms and other businesses to harness their own completely non-polluting, 100% renewable energy source.  Residential consumers can now take advantage of the immediate 30% tax credit put in place by the inclusion of green energy improvements in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.


In today’s economy, consumers are acutely aware of high energy costs and eager for environmentally smart, cost-effective ways to buffer themselves against future rate increases and our nation’s dependence on foreign fuel.   Monarch Renewable Energy is an Illinois-based dealer and certified installer of the SkyStream 3.7 and BWC Excel grid-connected wind turbines.  These quiet, easy to install wind power generators are designed specifically for homes and small businesses who want to offset costly energy use with the benefits of clean, free wind power. 


Monarch Renewable Energy is uniquely qualified to supply Illinois area consumers with the best available line of energy alternatives, including the Skystream 3.7 as the first compact, user-friendly wind turbine with control and inverter built in and the BWC Excel-S, America's best selling full-sized residential wind turbine. Both models are specially designed to provide significant cost savings and clean energy even in very low winds and at 10kW, the BCW Excel-S is an industrial strength alternative for small businesses and those seeking to produce even more of their own clean energy.  With a rated capacity of 2.4 kW, the Skystream 3.7 can support up to 40% of a household or small business’ total energy usage. 


Contact Monarch Renewable Energy today for more information on how you can “harvest the wind” and reduce your electric bill every time the wind blows!  Email: or call 847-531-WIND(9463).



View the Specifications for BWC Excel (10kW)

View the Specifications for Skystream 3.7 (2.4kW)








1. Take Control of Your Energy Needs

2. Reduce Your Electricity Bill

3. Support Green Energy in a Tangible Way

4. Help Fight Global Warming

5. Relief from Ever Increasing Utility Rates

6. Increased Property Values

7. Residential Appliance that Gives You Return on Investment

8. Take Advantage of Federal Incentives

9. Capture Your Own Source of Free, Non-Polluting and Endless Electricity Source

10. Avoid the Cost of Peak Power Demands




















































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